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Pioneer in digital currency banking
Using blockchain technology we developed the next generation platform for secure, affordable and revolutionary financial services

The Team

Patented blockchain technology aside, our 100 years of combined global market experience as gatekeepers for industry leaders like Citigroup, Franklin Templeton, and Goldman Sachs, means one thing's for sure: the BitLeague team knows what it takes to generate incredible returns for our customers

Technology Driven

  • First and only commission free digital currency exchange

  • First fixed term deposits on digital currencies

  • Highest guaranteed returns

  • Lowest borrowing rates

Superior Security

Security is our highest priority

  • Through a combination of the leading security service provider with the dedicated internal crypto-security team, BitLeague implements an in-depth defense strategy againt DDoS attacks
  • All sensitive account information is encrypted at both the system and data level. Access is strictly controlled and monitored. To minimize human error there are strict tiered internal access-controls with employees having restricted access to the system based on their roles. Administrative access requires multi-factor authentication
  • Our offices do not store or contain sensitive information. All private keys are stored offsite in secure facilities
  • The majority of customer digital assets (e.g., bitcoin) are held in our offline storage system ("Cold Storage"). Only a small portion of digital assets are held in our online wallet ("Hot Wallet")
  • Our Cold Storage solution includes an over 1,000 pound cement case, the Faraday cage and immediate security breach alert measures
  • We use Multisignature technology to provide both security against attacks and tolerance for losing access to the key, eliminating single points of failure
Best Practice

We implement industry best practices

  • Implement SSL encryption to protect you when browsing biteague.com
  • All employees undergo very strict criminal and credit background checks, and are subject to ongoing background checks throughout their employment
  • We check for strong passwords on account creation and password reset
  • Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Strict regulatory oversight, US FinCEN registered, industry leading AML/KYC compliance procedure
You are insured

We are dedicated to protecting client assets.

  • Client US Dollar fiat currencies are held in regulated US custodial bank accounts
  • If you are a United States resident, your BitLeague US Dollar fiat account is covered by FDIC insurance, up to a maximum of $250,000
  • Bitleague has partnered with the leading custodians to offer up to $125 million protection for cold storage of digital assets

Strong Partner

"BitLeague is a revolutionary approach to the crypto and fintech world. Our mission is to disrupt the banking business model, and share more benefits to our clients. Our Bitcoin Term Deposit is a breakthrough financial product, offering best fixed return to global bitcoin holders"
Mr. Y.F. Mao
Founder and Fintech Entrepreneur
"I do believe Bitcoin is going to be digital gold. That means it's the only one of the coins out there that gets to be a legal pyramid scheme.
Just like gold is…"
Michael Novogratz
Galaxy Digital founder, ex-Goldman Sachs partner
"Whoever owns the early BTC deserves a Nobel prize in delayed gratification!"
Elon Musk
Tesla founder
"I would be long bitcoin... There will be one online equivalent to gold, and the one you'd bet on would be the biggest."
Peter Thiel
Facebook early investor, venture capitalist


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